CNBLUE’s frontman Jung Yong-Hwa is set to make his solo comeback.

As reported on Chosun, the singer is expected to release his solo album in mid-September, and is now working on the final stage of his album.

This would be the first time in six years since Yong-Hwa has released a solo album. His first mini-album, “Do Disturb” was released in July 2017.

Following that, he released new albums in Japan and China, and occasionally recorded original soundtracks. At the same time, he also starred in various acting projects, including the 2023 series, “Brain Works”.

As a singer-songwriter who has worked on a number of CNBLUE’s songs and his own solo works, fans will expect Yong-Hwa to continue showing off his music prowess through the solo album.

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Jung Yong-Hwa is a member of Korean pop rock band CNBLUE

(Photo Source: Jung Yong-Hwa IG)