Hu Ge had fans expressing worry over his recent simple social media post about his retiring plan. 

On 21 August, the actor posted two photos of him in what seemed to be a desert and a harvested field, and wrote, “If I don’t make movies in the next five years to do something more meaningful, you should support me.” 

The post, to a majority of fans, seemed to mean that Hu Ge wants to do more charity work than being in showbiz, which prompted one netizen to write, “Don’t do this. You can still do charity work while filming.”

Is Hu Ge sending a cryptic message to fans?

Another stated that his ability to spread awareness and do charity work comes from his popularity as an actor.

“If you don’t make movies, you don’t have the influence to do your work. What kind of communication you can talk about? How many trees you can plant as an ordinary person?” the netizen stated.

Meanwhile, others expressed support for the actor, with one person saying, “Life is full of countless possibilities. The important thing is to do what makes you happy.”

It was back in February that Hu Ge announced that he is married and has welcomed his first child, adding that he has now moved on to the next stage of his life.

(Photo Source:  Hu Ge Weibo, Hu Ge Fanpage IG)