After previously causing fans concern with his talk of retirement, Hu Ge finally addressed the issue by saying that… well, he is just weird like that.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor previously posted a message on Weibo saying that he might not make movies in the next five years and instead do something more meaningful, and asked fans if they would continue to support him.

While some expressed their support and some stating the fact that he can do more good by continuing to use his celebrity status to raise awareness, others simply asked if he was drunk when he was writing the post.

In an interview to promote his film, “All Ears”, Hu Ge addressed the issue and said that he is a strange person who will do unexpected things from time to time that would make people think that he might be drunk.

Stressing that he wasn’t drunk when he posted that, Hu Ge stated, “I am very different in real life than what you see. I often contradict myself and get entangled in various ways. I have lots of struggles in my heart. I may be restrained most of the time, and I will compromise many times, but sometimes the other side gets the best of them.”

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Hu Ge seems to have changed his mind about retiring

(Photo Source:  Hu Ge Weibo)