Hacken Lee’s fans recently defended the Hong Kong singer against netizens who blasted him for supposedly not standing up for fellow “Sing! China” mentor, the late Coco Lee.

Recently, some netizens found a clip of the alleged incident, where Coco fell down on stage during a performance with her protege due to her weak leg. In the clip, Hacken, who was also one of the mentors of the 2022 edition, seemed to lower his head instead of standing up to help her.

Netizens had since bombarded Hacken’s social media account about the incident, and accused the singer, as well as fellow mentor Li Ronghao for not helping. One stated that both singers were from Hong Kong, and that Hacken should have been more protective of Coco, who even appeared as a guest at his concert previously.

Following the backlash, fans took to the comments to defend Hacken, saying that it was already said that Fish Leong had tried to step forward and help Coco, but was stopped by the “Sing! China” team. Some also claimed that Hacken also helped Coco leave the stage.

Others also reminded netizens that Hacken was one of the people who attended Coco’s memorial service, despite having a fever of 40 degrees at the time.

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The singer was accused of looking away when Coco fell down

(Photo Source:  Hacken Lee IG, Oriental Daily)