The Guinness World Records recently denied having confirmed Dao Lang’s new song as the most streamed track worldwide.

As reported on Baidu, earlier, mainland netizens claimed that the singer’s new song, “Luosha Haishi”, which was released on 19 July, has now become the most streamed song, surpassing that of “Despacito” that has more than 8 billion plays to-date.

However, in a statement released by Guinness World Records via Weibo, they have not received any application for a new record yet, and thus, they cannot confirm that it has been broken.

At the same time, they also stated that “Despacito” is not the most streamed track as it was reported, as the record had been broken by “Baby Shark” with 8.3 billion plays in 2021.

It is noted that Dao Lang, who was active back in the early 2000s, suddenly found his song receiving a lot of plays for its folk and ethnic elements, as well as the cryptic lyrics, with many interpretations going around, including that it is a diss against reality singing competition, “Sing!  China” as well as one of its former mentors, Na Ying.

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Dao Lang was famous back in the early 2000s

(Photo Source: HK01)