Gin Lee recently admitted that she had not faced any issues during her time on “The Voice of China” (now known as “Sing! China”) when she participated back in the fourth season.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was asked about her opinion on the recent controversy surrounding the alleged mistreatment of the late Coco Lee by the show, stated that she only focused on the competition when she joined the show in 2015 under the mentorship of Jay Chou.

“I was unfamiliar with many things when I participated. I had no access to the programme executives and just paid attention on the competition,” she said.

As to allegations that the programme team disrespected contestants and mentors, the singer said that she has no clue.

“Before joining the competition, I adjusted my mindset to keep expectations to a minimum and to only learn,” she added.

Gin stated that everybody has different preferences when it comes to music, and that how well they sing on their own may not be favoured by the judges.

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Coco Lee’s alleged mistreatment by ‘Sing! China’ went viral online

(Photo Source: Gin Lee IG, SOHU)