Elva Hsiao couldn’t help but laugh at the theme of her press conference, “Return To Zero”, as she announced her cooperation with Warner Music.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Taiwanese singer, who spoke to the media at the event, stated that she is also in a state of “returning to zero” emotionally, following her breakup with younger boyfriend, Justin Huang.

Admitting that she tries to not think about falling in love, Elva said, “But of course I think about it. It’s just that what I want is different now and I care more about how I feel now.”

“As a woman, we should let things happen naturally and pay attention when we need to. I really enjoy the feeling of meeting new people,” she added.

Asked what kind of man she would want in her life, Elva said that he should be pleasing to the eye, kind, filial, and is able to pamper her.

As to how she finds the mood when recording love songs now that she is single again, Elva said that she will use fantasies to make it more emotional. Asked if she would look at photos of her ex, the singer responded lightheartedly, “Then it will become a rock song. No.”

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Elva and Justin Huang ended their relationship in 2021

(Photo Source: Elva Hsiao IG, SINA)