Coco Lee’s sisters sparked speculations among netizens after they were heard saying “They killed my sister!” during the memorial service that was livestreamed on 31 July.

As reported on Oriental Daily, Nancy, who had been calm throughout the period following the death of the Hong Kong star, was seen hugging a male friend and wailed in Cantonese, “They took my sister away!”

Carol, on the other hand, was also heard telling the same man, “She’s saying they killed my sister. They killed my sister.” crop
The two sisters broke down upon hugging a friend

Not much can be heard after that as the camera panned out and the audio was turned off soon after. However, many can see how heartbroken the two were over their sister’s passing despite trying to show a tough exterior previously.

Fans from all around the world were able to watch the memorial service, which was streamed live via Nancy’s YouTube channel.

Many were seen at the memorial, including friend Elva Hsiao, pallbearer Jenny Tseng, and husband Bruce Rockowitz, who attended the ceremony alongside his two children.

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Fans bid farewell to the singer

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, Prestige, Taipei Times)