Chow Yun Fat has had fans worry after it was revealed that he has started running again.

A fan recently revealed on Weibo that he and his friends came across Chow after exercising and that the actor was nice enough to take a photo with them.

Aside from the group photo, another photo of Chow from the back was shared online, though the actor seemed to look even more thinner than before in the said photo.

While netizens gushed over the fact that Chow is always nice with fans, some expressed concern over the actor seemingly going against the doctor’s order. webp to jpg 4
It hasn’t been two months, Chow Yun Fat. Why are you running again?

It is noted that Chow shared in an interview last month that he had an accident while on his usual run, which ended up with a fractured rib.

“If I cough or breathe a little harder, I will feel pain. I also have to stop running for two months,” he said.

An avid runner and hiker, Chow is known to have started doing so in his old age for the sake of his health, after suffering from thoracic lordosis – a spinal condition that involves the middle/upper back having an excessive inward curvature, giving the body a swayback appearance.

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Coming across Chow Yun Fat on a run is nothing strange if you live in Hong Kong, it seems

(Photo Source: HK01, Epoch Times)