A new rumour linking her to Tony Leung Chiu Wai seemed to have drawn the ire of mainland singer Cheng Xiao.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was a former member of the South Korean-Chinese group WSJN, was alleged by the tabloids to have been having an affair with the married Hong Kong star.

The article, titled “Tony Leung welcomed illegitimate child in Japan and angered Carina Lau”, alleged that the “Shang-Chi” star had been seeing Cheng Xiao and that she has given birth to his baby. It also alleged that he also bought her a property in Japan.

In response to the gossip, Cheng Xiao’s studio shared a screenshot of the article and added the word “Fake” in big red characters. It also added in the caption, “It’s outrageously false!!”

Her fans also dug up several photos showing her itinerary for this year, with one saying that the singer had been participating in various shows, including those that include dance.

“She is dancing on the show all the time. There is no chance that she was pregnant,” one netizen stated.

One also joked that it is more believable to say that it was Cheng Xiao who is Tony’s illegitimate child, seeing the 36-year age gap they have.

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Tony’s wife Carina Lau seemed unperturbed by the rumour

(Photo Source: Tony Leung IG, Cheng Xiao IG)