Chen Kun has recently taken to social media to dismiss a couple of rumours that circulated online about him.

As reported on NetEase, earlier, some paparazzi claimed that the actor, who has a 21-year-old son, is also a father to two other children, one of them about three years old.

Not only that, some media also claimed that the actor has married best friend Zhou Xun.

Chen Kun
Chen Kun tells you not to believe outrageous rumours

On the afternoon of 16 August, the actor posted a photo of him as Yuanshi Tianzun from his upcoming movie, “Fengshen Trilogy”, writing, “It happened that I have to respond to two recent outrageous news together. Zhou Xun and I are best friends and we are not married. And while I have many relatives in the family with children, I only have one son.”

“I am about to go into the mountains and there’s no signal. Thank you for your concern and tell mothers not to believe it,” he added. webp to jpg2 1
Chen Kun and Zhou Xun have been best friends for more than 20 years

(Photo Source: Chen Kun Weibo, KBizoom, Chen Kun Fanpage IG)