Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu recently announced that she is suing her former husband Wang Xiaofei and ex-mother-in-law Zhang Lan.

In a statement made by her legal representative on 8 August, it is alleged that Zhang Lan had been insulting and defaming Barbie via a live broadcast on Douyin since 21 November 2022, while her businessman son had been doing so multiple times via Weibo and Douyin.

It is noted that both Wang Xiaofei and his mother had various things to say about Barbie ever since the couple ended their 10-year marriage in late 2021, followed by Barbie’s quick marriage to Korean star, Koo Jun-Yup.

Barbie reportedly filed the lawsuit in February this year, with the case being filed in April at the Beijing Internet Court.

The lawyer’s statement also added that Barbie is a victim of cyber violence and experienced the harm of cyber violence firsthand, and that she will resolutely protect her legitimate rights and interests through legal means.

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Barbie and Wang Xiaofei ended their marriage in late 2021

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu IG)