Amy Yip, ’80s screen siren, recently surprised many by making an appearance at the Hong Kong Film Production and Distribution Association’s 44th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

As reported on Mingpao, the “Magnificent Scoundrels” actress, who is now in her late ’50s, still maintained her figure, despite having been absent from the entertainment industry for a long time.

“I do a lot of exercises. Sit-ups, running. Now I weigh 90 pounds and my waist is 21 inches. I can still wear my old clothes,” she said.

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The actress was most known for her sexy performances in the ’80s and ’90s

Asked why she attended the event after so long, Amy said that she was invited by Raymond Wong.

“I’ve been away for 30 years since I got married. But it didn’t bore me. I love doing sports and cooking. Life has been happy,” she said.

Amy stated that she began to reunite with friends again after her husband died four years ago, including Philip Chan, John Shum, and Michael Hui.

“They encouraged me to come out and be more social. It felt like returning to the ’90s,” she added.

Asked if she would return to making movies, Amy stated that she won’t resist if there is any offer, as long as it has a good script.

“But it’s a pressure to come back. There are a lot of newcomers coming out in large numbers,” she said, though added that she would not want to do sexy performances like in the past.

Amy made an appearance in front of the media after so long

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Amy Yip Fanpage FB)