After the success of the first season of “I Will Be Back”, Tony Hung revealed that he will be filming the second season of the travel show soon.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media, stated that he is going to propose to TVB to go to either the Sahara, Siberia or North Korea for the second season, as suggested by netizens.

Aside from the locations, Tony said that he also received lots of ideas on who he should bring as his guest host, though stated that there are several requirements when it comes to his guests.

“You must be adventurous and not afraid of death. Like going to the Amazon, you have to eat insects and jump into the river. Our goal is to travel on behalf of the audience, so we have to try the most dangerous things,” he said.

“If you go to the Sahara, you have to face scorpions and run a marathon. If you go to Siberia, you have to dive at -60 degrees,” he added.

Meanwhile, Tony said that he plans to travel to Okinawa with wife Inez Leong and their daughter Amber during the summer vacation before begin filming season two.

“I am looking forward to take Amber to go skiing,” he added.

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Tony with wife Inez and daughter Amber (with furkid Molly)

(Photo Source: Tony Hung IG, MP Weekly)