It looks like the Philippines will not be following the example of Vietnam in banning the upcoming Warner Bros. movie, “Barbie” for the alleged depiction of the nine-dash line.

According to the Movie & Television Review & Classification Board (MTRCB), they have now greenlit the film for release in the country as they found no basis to the allegation of the movie showing the said map.

“The MTRCB is firm, as per its mandate under Presidential Decree No. 1986, that when there is a clear portrayal in films/television of scenes injurious to the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines such as the ‘nine-dash line’ we will not hesitate to ban said materials,” the Board said. 

“Conversely, if the material does not pose such a threat, then, in the spirit of fairness and objectivity, we will not impose a ban on such materials.”

In a previous statement, a Warner Bros. rep addressed the nine-dash line issue, saying that the map in the movie is a “child-like crayon drawing.”

“The doodles depict Barbie’s make-believe journey from Barbie Land to the ‘real world.’ It was not intended to make any type of statement,” it added.

“Barbie” is set for release on 20 July.

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