Having been away from social media since her husband was accused of sexual harassment, Summer Meng recently shared a new post on Instagram, albeit to promote her new work.

On 25 July, the actress posted a video of her working on her sculpture and revealed that she has been exhibiting her art at the Whitestone Gallery in New Taipei since 8 July.

“Thank you for your concern during this time. I want to share that my exhibition, ARU Dreams in the Starry Sky has already been launched as early as 8 July… Everybody is welcome to check out the exhibition.”

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Summer’s sculptures and artwork

According to Whitestone Gallery, the exhibition features an adorable collection of Summer’s paintings and sculptures.

“Becoming a mother has ignited an extraordinary transformation in Meng’s perspective, revealing a world and universe bathed in fresh, insightful hues. Her artwork embarks on a journey through the realms often overlooked or underestimated, where she gracefully invites the audience to embark on a profound exploration of their own hearts, discovering the beauty of simplicity and depth in every brushstroke.”

Summer previously withdrew from her comeback series following husband Mickey Huang’s hospitalisation, after the TV personality hurt himself after being accused of sexual misconduct.

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Mickey Huang is under investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct

(Photo Source: Whitestone Gallery IG, Summer Meng IG, Aru Meng IG)