Stephen Chow is happy with the reception to his call for casting and he wants to keep it coming.

On 10 July, the comedy auteur shared a photo of him observing a wall full of photos of actresses interested in his new project, “Shaolin Women’s Soccer”, and wrote, “Although the work is challenging, I’m happy to take it on! Ladies, please quickly send over your profiles. Once you’ve sent it, no need to send it again; we will definitely go through all of them.”

He then jokingly added, “Men who haven’t yet finished transgender surgery no need to send it either. Thanks for your cooperation!”

It was back on 22 June that he announced his new project, saying that he is looking for “pretty girls” from around the world to star in his upcoming movie, which will be a spinoff of his 2001 movie, “Shaolin Soccer”.

Those who are interested can send their details and photo to

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‘Shaolin Soccer’ was a big hit when it was released in 2001

(Photo Source: Stephen Chow IG)