Song Yanfei (also known as Cecilia Boey) has recently dismissed rumours that she is currently dating TFBoys’ Jackson Yee.

As reported on NetEase, last week, a netizen claiming to be a staff of a luxury hotel in Hainan alleged that they saw a “top male celebrity” checking in with an actress who is “five years his elder”.

It was stated that the male celebrity is known as an idol who is part of a group with many fans, and that he fell in love with the “fashionable” actress after working together in 2018.

Many then speculated that the rumour was about Jackson and Cecilia, as the singer is 23, while Cecilia is 28, and that the actress is known as the queen of fashion.

In response to the rumour, Song’s studio took to Weibo to dismiss it, saying, “The content about Ms. Song Yanfei is purely fabricated and false. Nonsense!”

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The actress is known for her impeccable fashion style

(Photo Source: Cecilia Boey IG, Jackson Yee Weibo)