Nobody works harder to get Stephen Chow’s attention than TVB actress Sisley Choi, who went above and beyond to show her talents in order to get cast for the comedy auteur’s upcoming new movie.

On 16 July, the actress and Miss Hong Kong alumna posted a video, in which she shared several clips of her doing lots of actions in various countries, from balancing a ball on her chest while wearing an European period gown, dancing while dribbling a ball, as well as doing a ridiculous “push up” with only one finger.

She also showed off her ability of giving deadpan expressions, synonymous with Stephen’s humour.

7cn sisleychoishowsoffstephen01
The actress humorously ‘exercised’ with one finger
7cn sisleychoishowsoffstephen02
Sisley is ready for Stephen’s new movie
7cn sisleychoishowsoffstephen03
Stephen is currently looking for actresses for his new movie

She posted, “Dear Stephen, it has been three weeks since your birthday. It may be late, but I was thinking of you every moment of the whole trip. I walked nine cities and visit the masters of all walks of life. I am ready.”

It was back in June that Stephen announced on social media that he is looking for actresses for his new project called “Shaolin Women’s Soccer”. He had since received lots of applications and interests, including from the former Chinese goalkeeper Zhao Lina.

(Photo Source:  Sisley Choi IG, Stephen Chow IG)