Ryoko Hirosue recently announced that she and husband Jun Izutsu have ended their marriage.

In a statement released on 23 July, the Japanese star stated, “After discussions, Jun Hirosue and I agreed to divorce, and have submitted the divorce papers. Regarding the custody of the children, I will continue to live with them as before, as the person with custody.”

Back in June, Ryoko was revealed to have had an affair with chef Shusaku Toba, after the paparazzi saw the two together at a hotel. While the two denied it at first, the actress finally admitted it not long after, on 14 June,.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who gave me positive and kind words and supported me. Thank you very much,” the actress added in her statement.

Meanwhile, staff at Jun’s store stated that they were surprised to hear the news of the divorce, seeing that the candlemaker seemed to be nonchalant about it as he came to work a few days before the announcement.

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Ryoko Hirosue admits to an affair with Chef Shusaku Toba

(Photo Source: Ryoko Hirosue Fanpage IG, Shusaku Toba IG)