Priscilla Wong never thought she would be publishing her third book ten years after her last one.

The actress, who appeared at the Hong Kong Book Fair on 24 July to promote her book, “Meeting Angels on Earth”, stated that she has a kind of fascination with words as she has been a fan of the travel writer Sanmao since she was a child.

“It made me realise that one’s travels should be recorded in words. So, I decided to publish a travel journal to record the stories of many people. It feels like an achievement unlocked,” she enthused.

Asked if husband Edwin Siu has read it, Priscilla stated that the actor would read it while she was writing it, just as he did as well with her previous travel diaries.

As for good pal Tony Hung, the actress laughed and said that the travel host promised to buy five of her books but she lightheartedly added that he never did.

“I hope he can buy books for his daughter to read,” she joked.

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Priscilla is waiting for good pal Tony Hung to buy her books

(Photo Source: Priscilla Wong IG, Tony Hung IG)