Japanese-Taiwanese entertainer Makiyo recently announced that she and husband of one year are now divorced.

As reported on Sina, the actress shared the news in a statement, saying that since she and Mr. Jin tied the knot, the two have had various issues due to their personality differences.

Therefore, she said, the two decided that parting ways was the best course of action and that the divorce was filed on 14 July. The former couple have also agreed upon the child custody and related responsibilities.

“This announcement is made in order not to waste public and media resources. Thank you to everybody who care about me,” she added.

The two tied the knot on 20 May last year. However, in November, Makiyo took to social media to reveal her husband’s “six crimes” following the birth of their child, including forcing her to drink 3500cc of water every day to lose weight.

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Makiyo welcomed her baby in November

(Photo Source: TVBS, SOHU)