Lin Chi-Ling has recently dismissed the notion that she is retiring for good, following the many articles posted about it for the past month.

On 22 July, the Taiwanese actress posted a photo of her watching a concert, writing, “Saw a great performance today. It is important to focus on family, but sister, I will always be with you. Let’s work passionately and love life together, okay?”

The same was echoed by Lin’s agent, who told ET Today, “Chi-Ling wants to focus on her family, and indeed, she will be spending more time with her family and take care of her little one. But this doesn’t mean that she is retiring.”

In a previous interview with Kevin Tsai, Lin was asked if she would return to acting again once her son is older, to which she responded, “When he is old enough not to need me anymore, how old do you think he’d be? Then how old I am now? You can do the math to know the answer.”

She also stated that she will only show up for charity related activities in the future, and no more events relating to beauty as she doesn’t need to put herself on another platform for anyone to make a comparison.

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Lin Chi-Ling and Japanese singer husband Akira welcomed their first child in January 2022

(Photo Source: Lin Chi-Ling IG)