Keung To recently assured that everything is fine, after he suddenly announced his goodbye on Instagram.

As reported on Mingpao, in a recent interview with Carol Cheng, the MIRROR member explained that he had actually been quite inactive on social media earlier this year following a slew of negative stories on the internet, admitting that he enjoyed every second of not being on it.

However, for his recent goodbye, Keung stated that he just wants to focus on his upcoming concert.

“I am thankful to many people for their help during the preparation process. I didn’t expect even someone I admired for a long time agreed to help me. He is a master in dancing, and though he was not available at first, he found the time eventually to help me,” he said.

When asked if he is happy now, Keung responded, “Okay. I will go in the direction that makes me happy. Even when I have more negative energy, I will keep on giving out positive ones to make me happy.”

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Keung To has been busy rehearsing for his concert

(Photo Source: Keung To IG)