The variety show, “Keep Running” has delayed its latest episode amid the scandal that had befallen one of its former members, Cai Xukun, aka KUN.

As reported on Sohu, the show recently announced on its official Weibo account that it has postponed its latest episode due to some “programming adjustment”, and thanking viewers for their support.

While the show made no mention that the delay has anything to do with KUN, who was one of the guest stars in its recent episode filmed in Thailand, many believe that it was the case, as the singer is currently considered a “high-risk” artiste due to his scandal.

It was last week that he was accused of impregnating a woman and demanding her to have an abortion. The accuser also released several alleged evidence saying that KUN’s mother even questioned the pregnancy. KUN’s mother also reportedly hired a private detective to investigate the woman’s home, and install a pinhole camera at her door to monitor the woman’s every move.

KUN has not released any statement regarding the allegations since it came out, and was revealed to have returned to mainland China recently without any fanfare.

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KUN has remained silent over the allegations

(Photo Source: KUN IG)