Although she once dreamed of marrying early, Katy Kung recently revealed that she has now changed her mindset when it comes to marriage and baby.

In a recent interview with Mingpao, the TVB actress stated, “It’s better to rely on myself, because I need to find a partner with the same values. Even if I get married and have children in the future, I want to be able to develop my career. It won’t be easy.”

As for rumours of her dating Japanese dessert chef, Tetsuya Matsuoka, Katy reiterated her previous statement, saying that she hasn’t found a partner yet.

“I don’t even have enough time at this stage. I believe that when the time comes, fate will appear naturally,” she added.

As for her best buddies like Grace Chan and Zoie Tam, who married early in their careers, Katy expressed, “I wish them happiness. I am grateful that they would invite me to family gatherings.”

Meanwhile, Katy stated that she plans to open up her own bakery next year.

“It feels natural. I feel lucky along the way, and I have a lot of people around me to help,” she added.

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Katy denied rumours that she is dating Japanese chef Tetsuya Matsuoka

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