Jiang Shuying recently took to social media to respond to harsh comments by netizens about recent photos of her without makeup.

As reported on NetEase, the actress was recently photographed at the airport by the paparazzi, appearing barefaced and wearing a simple black shirt and pants look.

However, netizens were shocked to see how she looks like without any cosmetics donning her face, with many saying that she seems quite different from her TV looks especially when it comes to her eyes and skin.

Some even commented that Jiang was nothing more than “an ordinary person” with “normal facial features”, unlike the goddess that she is on the TV screen.

In response to the comments, Jiang recently took to Weibo to address it by comparing a photo from the airport and one from a professional photoshoot, and wrote, “Without makeup or after makeup, each has their own beauty or shortcomings, but they are all themselves in different moods. I hope that I can face every moment calmly, and I hope you too.”

Jiang Shuying airport
Fans were surprised by how ‘normal’ Jiang looks
Jiang Shuying on TV
As opposed to this professional photo

(Photo Source: Jiang Shuying Weibo)