Are they together or are they not? That is the question on everyone’s minds when Au Man Man took to social media to express that she will be suspending her social media account.

As reported on Mingpao, Man Man, who is the wife of Steven Cheung, recently posted a message on her Instagram account, saying that she had been using social media to vent as she doesn’t have lots of friends and people to confide in.

This, she said, was a way for her to ensure that her emotions would not affect the growth of her children.

She stated that she persisted thinking that it would have good results but that she was betrayed time and time again.

Is Steven Cheung divorced or having a baby?, au man man, celeb asia, steven cheung, theHive.Asia
The couple seemed to fight, make up, fight, and make up again

Man Man then went on to say that she was wilful and ignored consequences during her first pregnancy, but that each and every pregnancy was a gift from God and that she never regretted it.

“I have also sat down with Steven and talked about problems. Although I don’t know if the relationship can be repaired, I believe everyone needs time to settle down at this moment,” she added.

Netizens immediately speculated that she is now pregnant with baby number four, when Man Man expressed that she was very scared to face the “upcoming surgery”.

“For every gift given, in order to take up this responsibility once again, welcome this gift and arrangement, there is no point in wasting energy, there is no time to just vent and quarrel. I believe in not giving up, persistence must have a way out, wake up. It’s off to a good start,” she added.

It is noted that Man Man did express her intention to divorce back in late 2021, though Steven later denied that they were going that particular route, announcing instead that they were having a third child.

However, speculations of another marital woe sparked earlier this year when Man Man again went on social media to accuse Steven of being useless and lazy.

Is Steven Cheung divorced or having a baby?, au man man, celeb asia, steven cheung, theHive.Asia
Steven surprised many and angered some when he suddenly admitted to have a child with Man Man back in 2019

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung IG, Mingpao)