Former “Meteor Garden” actress Ann Yeh has recently accused her nanny of mistreating her baby.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the former Taiwanese actress recently took to Instagram Story to share several photos of her baby’s naked back, although she covered the more sensitive part of the baby’s buttocks from view.

She stated that her nine-month-old son was abused by a nanny, and that she immediately took the child to a hospital to have the alleged injuries examined as soon as she returned to Taipei.

She later shared a photo of her family at the hospital, and posted, “I gave you food and accommodation… and this is how you act… seriously.”

Ann tied the knot with husband Tony at the end of 2021. The couple welcomed their son last year. webp to jpg 3
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Ann and husband with their little prince

(Photo Source: Ann Yeh IG, Oriental Daily)