Social media influencer turned singer Feng Timo recently confirmed rumours that she has thyroid cancer.

On 24 July, amid reports that she is battling cancer, the singer posted three photos including one where she is in the hospital, and wrote, “Yes, I did have a previous diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Surgery has been done and it was a success.  Now my body has recovered, and my voice has almost recovered under my unremitting efforts!”

“Through this experience, I would like to say to everyone, especially the girls: Don’t keep things internally, don’t accumulate negative energy in your heart, communicate with family and friends more, and when you encounter cyber violence and rumours, you must speak up bravely and take up legal weapons to protect yourself. I used to be cowardly, but I will protect myself in the future!” she added.

Feng, whose real name is Feng Yanan, stated that she is not afraid of being ill and that it is not a big deal as long as she is still alive.

“But when I couldn’t speak for a long time after the operation, I couldn’t sing, it was the most frustrating thing for me. It felt like the sky was falling. But I am also very grateful to God for reminding me and my own perseverance, which has allowed me to recover my voice now.  Don’t worry, I will sing to you again, and we will meet soon, will you still come to listen? As long as you listen, I will keep singing!” she added.

Feng Timo 1
Feng Timo’s surgery was a success
Feng Timo 2
The scar is healing

(Photo Source: Feng Timo Weibo)