Eve Ai recently took to social media to apologise yet again for her blunder in announcing the wrong winner for the Best Single Producer Award at the Golden Melody Awards.

The singer, who had to stop producer Jacky Chen halfway through his speech after realising that she read the card wrong, causing the producer to step down and hand over the trophy to the real winners, first posted her apology, saying that she will reflect on herself and hope that the GMA will give her another chance.

However, she went online yet again in the early morning, and said via her livestream that she really wanted to apologise to everybody, saying that it was her fault due to her nervousness.

Eve made the mistake of reading the wrong name

In the nearly 111-minute live broadcast, Eve, who is known as “the Queen” of GMA due to her active participation at the event for the past 11 years, stated that she really wanted to do well.

“I was practicing every week. But maybe because speaking in English made me nervous. I was really nervous when I opened the envelope, and I said the wrong name. I am really sorry,” she expressed.

She also added that she hopes that everybody will give her another chance to participate in the GMA in the future, no matter the role.

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The singer cried during her livestream as she apologises for her blunder

(Photo Source: Eve Ai FB, CNA Taiwan, NowNews)