Dilraba Dilmurat’s camp has recently addressed the issue concerning a fan touching the actress at the airport, which many had deemed inappropriate.

As reported on Sina, earlier, a video went viral showing the actress being swarmed by fans as she appeared at the airport on 15 July in a backless top. While she was greeting fans cordially, one person decided to reach out and touch her bare back, sparking anger among fans.

Many stated that the action was “disgusting” and “irrational”, and that one should never touch another without permission.

In response to the issue, Dilraba’s management recently released a statement, saying that they have now upgraded security measures.

As for the person who touched her back, the management stated that the person is relatively young and that they would rather not reprimand her too much. They also expressed hope that everybody will be rational about it.

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The actress was swarmed by her fans at the airport when someone touched her bare back

(Photo Source: Dilraba Dilmurat Weibo, SINA)