Deng Lun (also known as Allen Deng) has sparked a comeback rumour after a new photo of him surfaced online.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Chinese actor has been away from the limelight after he was involved in a tax evasion scandal last year, with many speculating that he would not be able to bounce back.

However, a year after the said issue, a new photo of him suddenly went viral, looking as good as ever, sparking fans’ speculations that it was a precursor of his return.

Meanwhile, it was reported that he has to pay one of the brands that he endorsed during the scandal, Yunmi Electric, which has sued him following the said scandal.

It is noted that Yunmi was one of the first brands that severed ties with Deng Lun after news broke out about his scandal.

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(Photo Source: Deng Lun Fanpage IG)