Despite his recent injuries, Chow Yun Fat did not miss the chance of attending the “Chow Yun Fat X Director Anthony Pun X Screenwriter Felix Chong: Conversation – Film, Life” symposium.

The actor, who discussed his movies at the event held at the Hong Kong University, stated that he had an accident a day prior to the symposium while he was on a run.

“If I cough or breathe a little harder, I will feel pain. I also have to stop running for two months,” he said.

As to why he still insisted on attending the event despite his injuries, Chow stated that he never had a chance to complete his studies when he was young as he needed to work, and that it was important for him to share his wisdom and love with the young people as a way to give back to society.

“It is this sense of responsibility that I insist on attending the symposium,” he added.

No more stumbling upon the actor on a run for Hong Kong fans for the next two months

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Inf)