While he has yet to make any statement regarding the alleged abortion scandal, it seems like singer Cai Xukun aka KUN seemed to be getting the freezing treatment all around.

As reported on Phoenix, eagle-eyed netizens recently noticed that CCTV, China’s national television broadcaster, has removed all related videos of the singer, with no relevant results coming out of the CCTV app and CCTV Weibo.

Searching for Cai Xukun in the CCTV news app, you can still find relevant content at 8.21 PM, but that everything went missing several minutes later.

Following that, it was revealed that other platforms have also removed KUN’s content, including Beijing Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Mango, Hunan TV, and iQiyi among others. At present, only Tencent Video and Youku still have KUN’s content.

It was last week that the singer was accused of impregnating a woman and demanding her to have an abortion. The accuser also released several alleged evidence saying that KUN’s mother even questioned the pregnancy. KUN’s mother also reportedly hired a private detective to investigate the woman’s home, and install a pinhole camera at her door to monitor the woman’s every move.

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No information about the singer on CCTV website

(Photo Source: KUN IG, China News)