In a twist to the latest controversy befalling mainland singer Cai Xukun (aka KUN), a certain Ms. W, who accused him of dating her when she was a minor, is now retracting the allegations.

As reported on NetEase, a few days ago, a Chinese paparazzi released a new story via livestream about the singer, saying that aside from Ms. C, whose story of “forced abortion” was denied by KUN last week, the singer supposedly had a secret lover, Ms. W, of whom he had a sexual relationship with when she was just 17.

Several photos and chatlogs were also released during the livestream.

While the allegations were going on, KUN responded via Weibo that the photos and screenshots were fake and that his team has already reported it to the police. This does not seem to stop the other party, who continued with the livestream.

However, on 9 July, the said young lady took to social media to address the issue, saying that the news was false and that the released screenshots and chat records were fake and taken from the internet. She stated that she contacted the paparazzi on 28 June to ask the said party not to post fake materials after realising how wrong it was, but that the paparazzi refused to do so and went on to release them.

“I was used throughout this whole thing. Through this incident, I have deeply reflected on myself, that I am just a girl who has just grown up. Because of the paparazzi’s fanning the flames, some extreme netizens maliciously leaked my photos and privacy, and even maliciously spread rumours about things I didn’t do, which have seriously affected my life!” said Ms. W.

(Photo Source: KUN IG)