Luxury brand Bulgari found itself apologising to China for a blunder it made on its official website.

In a statement released on Weibo on 11 July, the Italian fashion brand stressed that it has always respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and that they have corrected the previous mistake.

The mistake which had angered China was the listing of Taiwan as a country with the rest of other Asian countries instead of listing it as a China territory.

“Our brand has immediately corrected the mistakenly marked store addresses and map indications on the overseas official website, which resulted from management negligence. We deeply apologise for the mistake,” the brand added.

However, mainland netizens weren’t so easy in accepting the apology, with many calling for a boycott.

It is noted that among celebrity endorsers of the brand in China include actress Crystal Liu (aka Liu Yifei), model Liu Wen, and actor Yang Yang.

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Liu Yifei is Bulgari’s latest Global Brand Ambassador 

(Photo Source: Bulgari IG)