Making his first appearance since announcing his divorce with Jade Chou, Blue Lan assured that he is doing well.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who attended the premiere event of the Taipei Film Festival recently, shared that the two of them are officially divorced and are still friends with each other.

“Jade and I are good. I went to see [her and our children] as soon as I got off the plane. They live in Dazhi now and I live alone. I know that Jade is a strong girl. She has her own ideas and I respect them very much,” he said.

Regarding the divorce, Blue said that he and Jade are no different than ordinary people and that Jade even expressed worry as to how he will face reporters at the festival.

“I told her not to worry and that I will face it well. We are very low-key. We feel that private life should not affect our professional work. Although we are separated, I will take good care of my family,” he added.

It was last week that it was revealed that the couple went to settle divorce procedures together, wearing matching pink.

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The couple have parted ways after a 9-year marriage

(Photo Source: UDN, Taipei Film Festival)