Blackie Chen and Christine Fan are changing their strategy in dealing with Tina Chou, who earlier accused the TV host of sexual misconduct.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the couple, who previously filed a NTD 10 million civil suit against the entertainer, has now withdrawn the said suit and filed a defamation lawsuit instead.

Although Blackie has not commented on the decision, his agent stated that the defamation filing was made based on the advice of their lawyers.

Tina has made no response about the new lawsuit, though she earlier expressed happiness over news that the civil suit was withdrawn.

Stressing that facts must not be distorted, Tina stated, “I didn’t realise that having the courage to reveal my scars would lead to so much pressure. Even people I don’t know expressed concern about me. Receiving the notice of withdrawal from the court today, I believe that the truth cannot be challenged.”

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Tina Chou had earlier expressed happiness over the withdrawn civil suit

(Photo Source: Tina Chou IG, Christine Fan IG)