Following the example of Jam Hsiao, TV personality Aya Liu recently decided to undergo a drug test to prove that she has never used illegal drugs as a way to debunk allegations previously made by Mickey Huang.

As reported on Mingpao, on 6 July, Aya’s studio released her test result that was conducted in mainland China, revealing that 69 kinds of drugs were not detected in her hair and urine.

The studio wrote, “Aya was accused for no reason a few days ago. In order to further reassure friends who trust and care about Aya, she went to an authoritative testing agency for hair and urine tests on the day she returned to Beijing on 4 July 2023. The relevant test report is as follows.”

Aya test result 1
Aya test result 2
The studio released Aya’s drug test result

“Here we reiterate that Aya has never used illegal drugs or drugs in any form, and has always strictly abide by the laws and regulations. Thanks to all friends, your trust will not be wrongly placed. May everyone be safe and healthy!” the company added.

Aya also reposted the test results, writing, “Thank you for your support and friends who believe in me. It is very precious to choose trust in the midst of turmoil. May we all know who we are, and find the fortress of inner peace and stability.”

However, some netizens are saying that Aya’s action was not needed, as Mickey’s allegations referred to something that happened 20 years ago, and that the recent test only proved that she is not involved in drugs in recent years.

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Mickey Huang recently accused nearly 20 artistes of various wrongdoings including Aya

(Photo Source: Aya Liu Weibo, Taiwan News)