Anson Kong (AK) recently admitted that he has decided to temporarily shut down his dessert shop, Setsugekka.

The MIRROR member, who spoke to the media following the announcement, stated that he and his brother decided to close shop after losing hundreds and thousands of HK dollars from lack of profit.

“We opened a ramen shop in Tsim Sha Tsui at the beginning, which seemed to be okay. Afterwards my brother said that we should open more dessert shops because my sister-in-law likes desserts. We just had some mistakes in decision making,” he said.

AK stated that he sees the loss as an exchange for experience, and that he has learned a lot from it.

Earlier, the dessert shop announced that it will suspend operations from 1 July and will make internal adjustments and plan development directions.

No news as to whether it will reopen.

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AK says that he will take it as an experience

(Photo Source: Anson Kong IG)