Although Asian fans know her as Angelababy, the actress herself stated that that would not be the name she would use in the English-speaking world.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress recently spoke about the origin of her name on the e-sports programme “We are the Champions”, saying that the English spelling name on her ID is the Cantonese Yeung Wing, and not the Mandarin Yang Ying.

This, she said, is because of the fact that she has a Hong Kong ID after moving to Hong Kong at the age of 13, despite being born in Shanghai.

As for the name “Angelababy”, the actress stated that she was originally called Angela, but that her friends thought that the three syllables were too difficult to pronounce by the Chinese, and that adding “Baby” at the end made it easier to pronounce.

However, Angelababy stated that that is not a name which she would use to introduce herself to native English speakers, as the name sounded like something that a woman in the sex industry would use.

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Angelababy says her mainland stage name sounds like a name used in adult entertainment in the West

(Photo Source: Angelababy Weibo)