He might have written a long essay on Facebook following his hospitalisation, but according to the woman whom accused him of sexual harassment, Mickey Huang never apologised to her.

As reported on Now News, internet personality Zofia, whose sexual harassment accusation against Mickey led to his attempted suicide after accusing 18 other celebrities of various wrongdoings last month, stated that she has yet to receive an apology from the said entertainer nor did she feel much sincerity in his long article that he recently posted.

Asked if she has plans to sue, Zofia stated that she hasn’t thought about it but admitted that many victims have privately sent her messages that she will pass on to the prosecutors.

Back on 19 July, following his previous hospitalisation, Mickey penned a long essay on Facebook about his emotional turmoil, stating that he would like to improve his life.

He also thanked wife Summer Meng for saving his life and that he will move forward with what little he has left.

In June this year, Zofia had taken to social media to accuse a celebrity of forcing a kiss on her and persuading her to take off her clothes for supposedly artistic reason. She was 17 at the time. Although she mentioned no name, many were able to guess that it was Mickey based on her clues that the man is a TV host who has a newborn daughter and collect figurines.

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Mickey with wife Summer Meng and their daughter

(Photo Source: Summer Meng IGMickey Huang FB)