Zhou Hao, the founder of the Chinese record label TH Entertainment, has denied rumours that he is marrying actress Ady Kan (also known as Kan Qingzi).

As reported on Sina, following reports that the mystery man could be him, Zhou took to social media and wrote, “Congratulations Ady Kan. But this is not me. He doesn’t even look like me.”

Rumours of Ady marrying Zhou sparked on 30 May, after her camp shared the news that she has been proposed to by her boyfriend during a birthday party.

Though her team didn’t share much information about her fiancé, one of the photos shared showed Ady in a green dress, being embraced by a man whose face was hidden from view.

Many also speculated that the proposal was made during her birthday back in April, and that she was joining TH Entertainment at the same time, which sparked the rumour that it was Zhou who popped the question.

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Many speculated the man to be TH Entertainment’s Zhou Hao

(Photo Source: Ady Kan Qingzi Weibo, SINA)