Zhang Ziyi recently urged the next generation of Chinese female stars to be brave when it comes to choosing roles for their career.

The actress, who spoke at the “Her Film Era Forum: Life Without Limits” at the Shanghai International Film Festival, stated that one should always be fearless when facing new challenges instead of worrying about failure.

“Success will not be guaranteed, but we will never know the result if we never make a start,” she said. “I think one person’s potential is unlimited. We cannot image how strong we are in many circumstances unless we are pushed forward. We should concentrate all our efforts to grab the opportunities when they come.”

It is noted that Zhang herself is picky when it comes to her projects, choosing only films that she deemed worthy instead of grabbing all the offers that came her way especially during her heyday in Hollywood.

Among the movies she did throughout her career include “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, “The Grandmaster”, “Rush Hour 2”, as well as “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”

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The actress with Hong Kong filmmaker Peter Chan at the 25th edition of SIFF

(Photo Source: Beibei)