Chinese actress Zhang Xinyi recently expressed hope that the public will not judge all actors and artistes the same, following the tell-all video shared and later deleted by Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang on 19 June.

In the early morning of 20 June, the actress posted her thoughts about the issue on Weibo, writing, “There are many friends in the entertainment industry who are serious and work hard. Friends who stick to their profession, act seriously, and be a good person. There are many people who do their best to protect their families and work hard to establish a good image for their children.”

“There are still a lot of people who lead by example. It’s not all like the rumours,” she added.

Zhang continued in the comment section, “Seeing some news (Taiwan entertainment scandal), I felt very heartbroken. I am really sad to be stigmatised and demonised.”

Mickey had exposed a number of celebrities for their various misdeeds after confessing to an allegation of sexual harassment. Among those he mentioned were Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu’s alleged drug use and Jacky Wu’s alleged affairs.

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Mickey was hospitalised after releasing several videos exposing celebrities

(Photo Source: Zhang Xinyi Weibo, Next Apple)