Despite her big effort in earning a nomination at the Golden Magnolia Awards, Zanilia Zhao, unfortunately, didn’t end up winning Best Actress at the event.

The actress, who attended the awards as the new brand ambassador of DeBeers and the nominee of the Best Actress category for her performance in “Wild Bloom”, lost the accolade to veteran actress Wu Yue.

Posting to social media following her loss, the actress wrote, “Zanilia Zhao ran three times. Will continue to run.”

It is noted that the actress has been nominated twice before at the said award, the first one in 2015 for “The Journey of Flower”, and again in 2019 for “The Story of Minglan”.

Meanwhile, “Wild Bloom” also lost the Best TV Series trophy, which was awarded to “A Lifelong Journey” and “Bright Future”, the latter being the series that starred Wu Yue.

However, Zanilia did not return home empty-handed, as she was honoured alongside Lei Jiayin as the Chinese TV Program Overseas Promotion Ambassadors. webp to jpg 5
Zanilia and Lei Jiayin are the Chinese TV Program Overseas Promotion Ambassadors

(Photo Source: Zanilia Zhao Weibo, SOHU)