Wang Leehom’s lawyer has dismissed the notion that his ex-wife Lee Jinglei has won the previous custody lawsuit in the United States.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer’s legal rep responded to a recent podcast episode where Jinglei spoke about her feelings on winning the case, saying, “The law is about facts, not feelings. In response to Ms. Lee’s podcast saying that she won the case in the United States, Mr. Wang Leehom has explained through his lawyer that it was transferred back to Taiwan for jurisdiction reasons.”

“There is no so-called “victory determination”. We have no way of commenting on Ms. Lee’s self-feeling that she has won the lawsuit. I hope that Ms. Lee can abide by the ruling of the Taiwan court and perform it faithfully, so that the enforcement process can go smoothly,” the lawyer added. 122250613 512047286345196 1390671582502596079 n 1080
The former couple have three children together

In the earlier podcast, Jinglei shared her experience of dealing with the court case, and how she scheduled her time amid the situation that she described as “tough”. She then stated that it all changed when she received a letter saying that she won the lawsuit.

“At that time, my soul had already left my body. I really needed to cry and a space to release my emotions,” she said, adding that she finally did so after her children fell asleep. 352258046 651630112981362 126633616760382289 n 1080
Lee Jinglei launches her podcast

(Photo Source: Wang Leehom IG, Lee Jinglei IG)