Tony Leung Kar Fai has recently welcomed his first son-in-law.

The Hong Kong actor was recently absent from the Shanghai International Film Festival, where his co-stars Kara Hui, Ni Dahong and Cecilia Yip were seen at the premiere of the new movie, “Love Never Ends”.

When asked about his absence at the 10 June event, Cecilia stated, “The reason why my ‘wife’ Tony is absent today is because today is his eldest daughter’s wedding.”

Several photos had since been shared from the wedding, including one of Tony wearing a striped suit, standing next to his daughter Chloe and her new husband.

It is noted that Tony, who married Jiang Jianian, has a pair of twin daughters, Chloe and Nikkie. Though the two inherited their parents’ good looks, they are not interested in a showbiz career.

Chloe was also revealed to have been dating her now husband for eight years before finally tying the knot.

Congratulations to the couple and to Tony!

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Tony has a pair of twin daughters, Chloe and Nikkie

(Photo Source: Nikkie Leung IGHK01)