Celebrating her 12th year of marriage with actor Deng Chao, Chinese actress Sun Li recently took to social media to share her thoughts about her life as a wife and a mother.

In a long post that she shared on 7 June via Weibo, “The Ideal City” actress expressed, “I work in Wenzhou while he takes care of the children in Shanghai. We will be changing shifts in a month. It’s been 12 years of our marriage and we have reached this tacit agreement.”

Sun stated that her mother once told her that she has repaired her “bumpy” childhood and did it very well, adding that she has her husband and children to thank for that.

“I hope we can keep the temperature constant. There are 365 days in a year. If the days are too long, it will be easy to feel dull, but it is also because of each other that life becomes more concrete. Those trivial bits and pieces also began to have a special meaning… in the cold winter we keep warm by the campfire. In the hot summer, we are riding the waves by the sea. We adopted a stray animal one day. We shed tears together to bid farewell to the old and departed. We watched a nice movie together. When we encounter sad things we encourage each other. When we experience happy things, we infect each other with laughter.”

“We also disagree and get angry and bicker. But more than that, the family cry together, move together, scream together. There are many more, these seemingly inconspicuous moments have become our extremely precious memories… bit by bit, until every day is filled. 365 days,” she added.

Sun registered her marriage with Deng in 2010, though the official ceremony itself was held in 2011. The two are parents to son Deng Hanzhi and daughter Deng Hanyi.

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The couple celebrates their 12th anniversary

(Photo Source: Sun Li Weibo)